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Frequently Asked Questions About Fire Pits

Can I have a fire pit in my garden?

In most instances fire pits can safely be used in gardens, patios and back yards of all sizes. If you have enough room for a BBQ then you will certainly have enough room for a fire pit. For more information on garden fire pits, patio fire pits and fire pit tables

What is the difference between fire pits and chimineas?

Fire pits come in a range of styles, sizes and shapes but one of the common themes is that they offer you the benefit of an open fire with complete safety. Chimineas are enclosed with a chimney to take away smoke but only really emit heat from the opening at the front. With fire pits you can sit all around them and benefit from the warmth of the fire within.

What should I burn in my fire pit?

Depending on what you are using your fire pit for you may want to burn either wood, charcoal or even in some cases (if you have a gas fired fire pit) propane. Fire pits offer a great way to have a BBQ over an open fire so either hardwood or charcoal are best for this as you can cook over the coals for that perfect barbecue taste. Read more advice and guides on fire pits...